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Want to make a business app? Ask us how. Our software company specialises in bespoke app development. Our software engineers code programs that solve problems and transform the way people run their business.

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What we do

Since our foundation, our company has been providing outsourced app development services working with numerous companies building software that matches their needs and requirements, and now we are proud to say that we are experienced IT experts. Our developers know how to make effective apps, our designers create an attractive and user-friendly solutions, our project managers perfectly interpret your intentions to the applications - we are a ready-made team of IT specialists looking for challenging tasks.
Why should I outsource App Development?
There are two ways to grow: quantitative and qualitative. To begin with, the first way can be enough, but at some point, you only qualitative changes may cardinally and much faster improve your efficiency. Our outsourced company offers these very qualitative changes providing custom software development services that can dramatically increase productivity by internal processes optimisation, automatisation, acceleration and better customer service provision. Looking for custom software development you may consider two main options: outsourcing and in-house development. Both of them have pros and cons, but creating your own app development department makes sense only if you have a long-term project and plan to develop this direction of your business activity.
Pro and Contra of App Creation Outsource
Outsourcing has more benefits over in-house team which includes:
  • Time-saving. Finding an experienced software development company with a ready-made team takes less time than creating your own team and teaching individual people to your corporate standards and teamwork. An outsourced company has an established development process and years of experience on different projects for various industries. You newly-backed team needs time to start a productive collaboration. If you need to reach the market quicker, it is better to use the services of an outsourced company that knows what it is doing and knows how to do its work in the most efficient way. Your in-house team will need quite a lot time to reach the level of outsourced company;
  • Cost-effectiveness. Outsourcing services may seem to be too expensive, but let us compare the overall cost of in-house and outsourced development. In the case of outsourcing for development services you have the only thing you pay for - it is the delivered result. You approach the company only when you need their services, whether it is mobile and web app development, intranet/extranet creation, custom database integration, or maintenance services. When you create your own software development and maintenance department within the company, you should think of workspace and other expenses, such as furniture, equipment, stationery. Besides, app developers as any other full-time employees of your company require a regular salary and employee benefits which include health insurance, sick leave, paid vacations and so on and so forth. Furthermore, creating a whole new IT department you will need a person who will be able to manage it efficiently and usually such qualified specialist requires a salary that corresponds with the duties and responsibilities of the post.
Onshore and offshore outsourcing
When you outsource software company, you can stay domestic or go overseas based on your personal preferences. Onshore outsourcing refers to the hiring domestic developers for accomplishing a specific task. Such outsourcing ensures better accessibility and communication because people you are hiring are living in the same country, speak the same language, share the same culture, and the same time zone in the most cases. But usually, their price tag is higher. While the situation with offshore outsourcing is quite the opposite. When you outsource IT company offshore, you approach the company in another country and sometimes on the different continent. Usually, companies rely on offshore outsourcing due to the lower development costs. But receiving the services remotely company risk to get the results which do not fit their requirements. It is harder to control the development process, and there are higher chances to be misunderstood. It is not a rule, but it is a risk you should be aware of.
Our software firm specialises in mobile and web app development designing software solutions for all major platforms. Outsource app development to our company and you can be sure that you will receive the desirable results.

How to outsource software development?

Main issues
Having a great app idea, you are looking for its realisation. Most often people outsource developers or IT companies which specialise in designing bespoke software solution. And as any serious investment, you should pay attention to the risks your running outsourcing for developers. There are few ways to reduce them.
Outsource the company that admits
your rights
You own your apps project files, and app’s launch doesn’t mean the end of app development. Any program needs regular updates to work properly. Besides, you might wish to integrate new features in the future and edit its content, and for this purposes, you need to be in possession of your software. Trustworthy company will guarantee that you will receive all the project files by writing it down in your contract. Besides project files, you can also rely on a non-disclosure agreement if you think it is necessary for you.
Choose the development methods
that properly fit you
There are two major development methodologies that programmers keep to working with their clients: “waterfall” and “agile”. Experienced and skilled companies can offer you both approaches for you to choose the one that fits your project the most. Waterfall model implies sequential design process which starts with conception, initiation, thorough analysis and then design, coding and testing. Such methodology requires absolute clarity on what your app should be like and ensures a good relationship with the outsourced company. If you have doubts, and can’t say for sure what are you waiting from your app, the agile process will fit you more. Unlike waterfall, it implies iterative approach, so the team can quickly respond to evolving requirements and your feedback ensuring that the results will completely satisfy you.
Look for company that establishes
When you talk to the company representatives about your total budget for the project and timelines, make sure that they understand your project idea. Your expenses directly depend on your software characteristics. Before starting the development, you should be clear on your project budget and timeframes. In the case of agile development, it is hardly possible because it is an iterative process and depends on you as well as the developers. In this case, you can outline how often you will review the results (it is usually about every two weeks) and agree on the budget for every new cycle of the development process depending on the work done during the cycle.
Identify the results you want to receive
Before you start to outsource app developers, you should get a comprehensive understanding of your idea and what results you want to see in the end. If you don’t have a clear idea, you won’t be able to explain to software engineers what you want from your application. And hence you will hardly be satisfied with the end product. Search for similar applications and study them. Find out what you like about them and what do you find useless or annoying. Think of the following questions:
  • Do you want web or mobile app?
  • If it is mobile, what platform you want it to run?
  • What features do you want it to have: login, social media integration, any other?
  • Are you looking for app monetization?
So when you meet a developer and ask for a quote, you should outline what you expect from the development team and what the developers can expect from you. When you start collaborating with the outsourced company get together a detailed project brief with a list of features and functions, design layout and navigation map, and graphic interface assets.
Effective and regular communication
Since the discussion of your project brief, a good outsourced company will be completely involved in the joint project. Their experience and knowledge can help to develop your idea and improve it with expert advice. Professionals will always have something to suggest. The company participation in the project discussion will help you to identify their level of professionalism. Talk to your candidates by Skype or make a phone call and you will be able to know the developers you are going to hire. Their communication skill is one of the most important criteria for running a joint project successfully. Getting in touch with them will be a good chance to see how do you understand each other, ask about their experience, and check their responsive manner. When you start a collaboration, ensure that you provide your feedback in prompt and clear manner because it matters. Your timeline depends on you as well. Developers can’t move forward without your feedback.
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Our clients have been outsourcing app development services for over five years, and today we gain our stellar reputation of reliable partners and all-round professionals. Outsourcing to our company you can be sure that you will receive the desirable results. Our software firm specialises in mobile and web app development designing software solutions for all major platforms and utilising all the benefits of devices capabilities. Our app development agency creates custom software for companies helping them to achieve their business goals.
Our development team includes iOS, Android, and Windows developers, as well as web programmers with a wealth of experience. Our expertise includes both client-side and server-side scripting and encompasses good knowledge of PHP, .NET, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, Python and other technologies. Our team strives to be acquainted with the latest innovations and IT trends incorporating in our practice only the proven and promising tendencies. Software engineers write a robust and readable code which not only provides effective functionality but also ensures that if you approach other developers to update your app, it will be easy to understand the code and work with it.
Our creative and talented designers think of both stylish look and intuitivity of your app. Our design team suggests you several design layouts and provides clear navigation map asking for your feedback. If it is a mobile app, we will make sure that it look well on all mobile devices delivering only great user experience. If it is a web app, the design team will create a responsive and adaptive designs providing usability and user-friendliness on any screen whether users access your app from their desktops, tablets, or smartphones.
We believe that it is better to build nothing rather than a poorly-designed software product. That is why our company starts thinking of app quality even before our programmers write a line of code. Experienced QA-experts analyse every project our company takes trying to identify its pitfalls and find the way to eliminate them. QA-testers run thorough testing of app performance, stress resistance, usability and security ensuring that it meets all the coding standards and your expectations.