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Whether you are looking for app developers to build software for smartphones, tablets or both, our London-based development agency has the organisation covered no matter the platform it is to be based on or the device it is to be used in conjunction with.

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As the leading mobile software development company, we have an extensive experience in the creation of high performance, native mobile programs packed by feature for all largest mobile platforms including iOS, Android, and the Windows Mobile operating system. Besides, as experts in HTML5 development, in our agency we can also create cross-platform applications which will work on many devices.
Mobile App Development Services
Using the proven development strategy to deliver our projects, London app developer can create the correct program which will meet your business, industry or vertical requirements. Our software development services include:
  • Business research and analysis of requirements
  • User Experience (UX) testing
  • Design architecture
  • Project management and professional development
  • Cross-platform mobile development and extensive expert knowledge of integration
  • Strict quality assurance (QA) testing
  • Delivery in time and on the budget with complete transparency
  • The help to get the product in the AppStore, App World, Google Play, and Marketplace
Experience matters
Mobile technologies progress at high speed. Our in-house team of developers in London always keep an eye on the latest trends. In recent years there was an intense competition between the developers creating for iOS and Android. As a result, if you want to be selected among thousands of service providers, you should have a broad experience in design, programming and management. Our agency has a firm background in all these disciplines of the mobile development industry, and therefore, we perfectly know how to build excellent software of any complexity.

Fields of Services and Expert Knowledge

Concept and Strategy
As our London agency is engaged in software development both for startups and large enterprises, we treat each project seriously. We always explain and determine how to create a concept of the product and its functionality so that it was valuable for your business and users
User experience
the purpose of UX consists of providing the program which is simple in use, intuitive and attractive. This process begins with an interactive prototype to discuss the various functionality of UX and the choice. When it is clear and certain, we analyse different styles of design to establish direction for further work.
Optimisation and development services
our London team consists of the specialists who have expert knowledge in development for various mobile platforms. We are professionals in the differentiated programming increasing the experience for intelligent devices with higher capacity or later versions of OS
The high-quality services, QA and launch
with the growing number of smart devices with various screen sizes, it is imperative to check how the program is going to work on all those different sizes. We have a huge range of intelligent devices covering all latest and most popular smartphones based on Android and iPhone and also older versions. We will not load the product on AppStore or Google Play until we finished the complete analysis and process of testing.
Assessment and Analytics
in our agency we make sure that the programs we develop has successfully passed the testing period and our clients have appreciated the benefits of using during very long time. Irrespective of the fact how well planned a concept is, it is always exciting to see the estimations of users, the way they use the app and what features they appreciate the most.
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    App Monetisation
Our London agency adheres to the policy of transparent and fair pricing. We are engaged in plenty of marvellous one-of-a-kind project, and each of them is a single and unique case. The prices may notably vary from £15 thousand to more than £1 million, depending on the volume of work, the features of the program, the number of people taking part in the development and many other factors. On average we levy from £30,000 to £500,000 for the project. To answer the question more precisely, we need to hold a conversation and discuss the details: your purposes, tastes and requirements. If you are ready to invest the capital in the top notch solution for business, have the idea of the enterprise, or just want to dig more deeply into the world of the B2B programs, contact us anytime!
Smartphones are the new actual computers, so the possibility to perform key transactions using mobile devices can substantially enhance the effectiveness of business workflow. Mobile software should be simple in use, smart and also be capable of delivering the correct information. Researches show that the average employee in London uses the smartphone tens times a day within about a minute for once. To perform a flow of transactions in 60 seconds, it is required to simplify the whole process. When you choose our app agency from London, you can be sure, that your business will get the right software to solve all existing problems of the workflow.
It is crucial to get the right program which will equal hopes of users around convenience, mobility and simplicity. To understand the value and to see an investment income quickly, our agency will help to develop a strategy focused on one or several aspects:
  • The existing production processes: The companies has already invested time and money in these operations, crucial for business, and know there is a high need to ameliorate them using digital technologies.
  • Workflows that influence core business drivers: The organisations can improve business response and get a competitive advantage, having concentrated on the workflows that drive more revenue, bring more income or reduce expenses.
  • Customer-facing to high-volume workflows: the good empirical rule for ensuring the success of mobile applications to focus on them in this order: customer-facing, client's contact, high value and significant volume.
Our London-based agency has vast experience in development of solutions that can not only optimise the workflow but also bring income. There are three basic approaches for app monetisation: You can make money, showing advertisements or establish the price for the download.


Making money with advertising is rather straightforward - it is enough to register the account with the supported ad network, and then publish the app with the advertising network switched on. Details vary for each network, but in general, you earn money every time the user sees the advertisement, like it and click on it. You get to offer users a free program, in return for seeing ads that support your business.

Paid applications

One of the most direct methods of monetisation consists in the imposing money for your apps. The most widespread approach is also the simplest: you just publish the product in the App Store or Google Play, register in the system and establish the price for the app. It can also be worth considering placing the app for sale in other stores, such as the Amazon Appstore. The following step is to help prospective customers to find the app. There are many methods to execute it, from the use of social networks like Twitter and Facebook to the creation of free programs in order to cross promote the paid ones. Paid software works best when there is something unique to offer in terms of content or the service it provides. Generally speaking, in order to create a successful monetizing app, you should devote some time to marketing. Our agency in London has the team of expert marketing managers, and they will be happy to help you with the strategy and promotion of the software.

Benefit from application possibilities

Based on the criteria of the strategy, here are seven types of business solutions that enterprises would benefit from mobilising:
Customer-facing apps

Remove barriers in customer experience, allowing the clients to perform activities without calling into a central line or going to a shop in person. It helps to reduce the level of decrease and to avoid switching to the competitor. One supplier of national insurance mobilised their system of account creation after understanding that they experienced 30 percent decline in registration online because the system did not have a mobile version.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Provide the best service to prospects and clients with a capability to generate sales quotes and request discounts from mobile devices. When the sales personnel can update leads and accounts on the go, there is also more predictability in the forthcoming income.

Supply chain management (SCM)

Served the customers quicker, providing immediate access to information on stock. Imagine whether the client consults about something inventory in the retail store, and the employee can answer a question on the spot, having access to a SCM system from the smartphone.

Enterprise resource management (ERP)

Remove bottlenecks in processes and deliver victories to heads and managers. Such tasks as approvals require that busy leaders returned to their tables and when they are not done quickly, business is held up. With the software produced by our agency, purchase orders can be approved in one day instead of 10.

Business intelligence (BI) tools

Allow the decision-making to be faster, more informed, having mobilised key dashboards and reports. Mobilisation of business analysis and analytics will help business line managers to make more smart decisions on the fly that will affect the bottom line.

Systems of human resources (HR)

Deliver quick performance win, having mobilised processes like expense reports, timesheets, and paid time off (PTO) requests. These necessary tasks usually difficult to access, so HR departments are bogged down with questions from employees. We can develop a mobile solution allowing employees to submit expense statements from the smartphones.

With mobile apps, your business has a capability to transform the way you win and retain customers, and also optimise and improve internal processes. Mobilisation of business helps to make a good start of increase customer satisfaction and the driving employee adoption.