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What are the Fees for App Development?

This question has been the most common we have received from prospective customers. With seven years behind us and an app landscape we have, we are ready to investigate this epic question in full.
  • Costs for software are generally based on features, complexity and platform.
  • Applications with backend servers will always cost more.
  • Simple program for one Apple platform will be started by about £20,000.
  • More challenging apps cost to six numbers but can increase up to £1,000,000.
  • Fees will also change depending on the one who creates it (freelance developer, development company, high-level digital agency, etc.).
  • Don't forget to budget for marketing, updates, your own salary and other costs.
Factors to consider during assessment of developer fee
Fees, of course, vary. For example, there is a considerable difference between involvement of a freelancer, offshore group of developers or the development agencies. In the same way, the fee is influenced by the availability of the app which demands the created backend server or other features which are autonomous and can resolutely differ. Costs for work with freelancers or the offshore companies will also be different and probably much lower - our point of demarcation is about £8,000, however, in this case, you should decide if you are ready to contribute quality and time, controlling each step of development.

Development fees for startups

Jason Kelekenis had big mail depicting startups have to lift in their first round of financing in general. The complete first round raises in £600,000 within 18 months. It isn't obligatory that quantity the product should cost (though some apps do, especially in their life). It will give you 18 months of a landing strip if you write down £28,000 a month and to have £96 thousand in legal, accounting and expenses of capital expenditures ( laptops). Companies producer of the equipment will need additional £600 thousand to make a crowdfunding campaign, tools and small mass production of their product. £28,000 a month are enough for four team members to work on a problem within 18 months, having a good salary — and £400 a month per desk.
How should you spend angel money?
The typical self-control team is something like:
  • two developers to manage code, process, ops, and client support
  • one product manager, to make UX, design, testing of a product and client support
  • one business head to make ready for operation, fund raising, sales, legal, marketing and client support
You will notice that in this case your four persons do at least four works everyone. All do customer support because in the early life of the company everybody should assume liability to understand the client. When you hire a team of developers like ours, you can be sure that each pound is working on the future success. You get the end product with full functionality and ready to bring income. The average price is £20 - 60 000 and this sum will surely be the perfect investment for a quick start. Our developers are excellent team players, and it will be no difficulties to work together with your in-house staff to gain the maximum productivity.
How should you not spend angel money?
If you were lucky to receive £600,000 — a huge cash amount in the real world — you should make sure that 90% + are included into a product (some things can't, as legal, office and laptops). You should not spend, of course, the money going to conferences (if they don't lead to a sale), or unusual furniture for office (purchase a cheap junk, or rent), or fancy office. Each pound should enter a product, and as the product is made by people (developers generally speaking), you should make sure that 80% from your spends, is on the pay-sheet. Something else probably wasteful and unnecessary.
The biggest victory after the angel investing
It is the absolute best option for successful events: the angel money makes enough income to correspond — or to exceed — the expenses. This scenario is called "profitability", and it can exert a surprising impact on your future! Now, when this start with seven people makes more than they spend, we have a delightful road before us. And with our products you can be sure that all the investments will pay off in the closest time.
Development for Apple gadgets
When speaking about the platform for development, it is necessary to define the target audience. The users of Apple devices are less numerous. However, they are ready to invest money in their gadgets. People of business often prefer Apple for corporate and personal use, so if your software is intended for such audience, iOS will be the best platform for future product. We are proud to declare that, our company is not only among the best app development companies in the world, but we also have the best Apple developers ready to offer you their services for a reasonable price. Your unique work consists in hiring our services, after that you can just relax and let us create the outstanding Apple product.
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    Considering the fees for less complex apps
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    More, than software
Craig Hockenberry composed the influential reply on how much it would cost to create Twitterrific. The response made £200,000 both for Apple iPhone and iPad. Admittedly it was alternative expenses as Twitterrific is created by internal Iconfactory. While it was of two shape factors, includes heavy consuming of API and the switched on the interface as it marked, it didn't include a server element. With advances since then, relying on a backend service providers as Parse or Firebase does a server component adding more efficient. However, any development connected to the server considerably overstates the fees. “Now if you want to build backend services for your app, that number's going to go up even more. Everyone seems surprised that Instagram chewed through $500K in venture funding to build a new frontend and backend. I'm not.” - CRAIG HOCKENBERRY, STACKOVERFLOW As Craig, our developers regularly point prospective clients to Instagram's initial launch and funding. They are a striking example of the app which is much more than the software; it is set on the smartphone with a steady backend server. Initial financing of Uber was for £1,200,000 (A seed plus the Angel) with another much higher subsequent round. There is an accurately heavy element of the server again, and it is an important point: the majority of apps requires that the server worked secretly. With this review, we have other response: programs created for the Apple smartphones and pads which have a complex user interface or which require the considerable backend can cost from £200,000 to £1,200,000.
Some largest firms focused on the apps, won't pay attention to you if the budget does not constitute at least £400,000. They even give quotes for £800,000 or more just after rough estimates provided in a quick, 15-minute discussion. The average budget for simple apps for v1.0 build out in our company is about £40,000. The total quantity spends for the client was frequent above because our clients continue cooperation for technical support, updates and implementation of new functions, month after month. All those products are integrated with API or demanded that the server was created. We see very few apps which are actually autonomous. As shown above, our Apple developers fees are not the highest in the industry. We try to make your spendings reasonable and always provide the transparent pricing. So, with this last complete category we have one more answer:
  • The Apple programs created by the largest agencies, possibly stand between £400,000 to £1, 000,000 anywhere.
  • The apps created by software development companies will cost between £20,000 to £500 000,
  • The products created by smaller shops where there is possible only 2-3 developers will possibly cost between £10,000 to £90,000 anywhere.
The fees in our company will vary from £20,000 and to six or even seven numbers depending on the solution you need. Our Apple developers have extensive experience of work both with startup businesses and large enterprises. We appreciate all our clients regardless the volume of work and the product they need to create. We are always ready to consult you on every detail and provide an estimation of overall cost for the project.
Even programs without any server component or integration of API can be complex and arduous.Our Apple developers have created independent systems for six numbers. We also created apps which integrate with API for five numbers. It really comes down to a certain feature set of the product. As experience shows, though, you can probably take some numbers above and reduce them in half to understand the cost of a product without a server or the included API component. To receive the qualitative app with a professional firm, you still usually invest about £30,000.
Remember that the cost to deliver the program to the Apple Store is always goes out of a simple v1.0 budget. There more costs, than an initial specification, UX, design, development and project management. You should also take into account the minimum budget required for the continuing updates and potentially, some server fees. You should also pay yourself, estimate cost during support time (if you do it), consider any firm fees for marketing and distribution and comparable elements. If you are the existing company hiring an external firm like ours to create a program, these fees are already included. If you are the separate or young entity, just guarantee that you have budgeted those costs to estimate realistic the app deliver on the Apple Store.

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Our professional team of developers has the essential experience of program building for the Apple devices and completely understand all nuances of innovative app creation. Development of successful programs for Apple requires great skills in the design and coding because App Store is complete of excellent apps, so the program should be exceptional to be distinguished from the competitors. In years we have created the software which reached high ratings in Apple Store and received hundreds of positive feedbacks from the user. Whether you need to develop a game or the mobile market, a challenging business management system or the user feedback database, our talented and ambitious Apple developers will send all the energies and skills to the task and will provide the top-quality solution to satisfy your business requirements. We differ from other developers on the fact that we never stop in average results - we develop the Apple programs carefully while your product is not perfect in each sense. Are you ready to begin the software development process together with the best Apple developers? Or have an idea but still doubt about the fees and how things happen in IT sphere? Just contact our Customer department and plan an appointment. After that, you can be sure, that you are in the hands of experience and professionalism!