The World-Class Apple Developer from the UK: Your Best IT Partner

Our UK-based development company is the complete service digital agency focused on the production of the top notch software for iOS-based devices.

From corporate strategy to full implementation we create custom solutions in compliance with all Apple design requirements.

We are working on your business success, providing the best team of developers on each project and quick engineering procedure to deliver high-quality work in the shortest timeframes.

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Our services

Our team of UK developers serves a full range of IT solutions which are carrying out considerable business requirements through various industries from educational institutes, industrial sector, logistics, health and care corporations. Our extensive list of services include:
  • Mobile app development
  • Web development
  • Development with an open source code
  • Creative UI/UX design
  • Corporate portal creation
  • Digital marketing solutions
  • IT & marketing consulting and support
Our developers use the latest technologies to improve the range of service and provide the best programs to make your Apple devices the most efficient business tools.
What Makes Us Different
We bring our wide experience to all stages of the project from early brainstorming to the full post-launch support. We provide constant QA testing during the whole process. Thus, since the beginning, we help with planning, development and promotion of the app which will lead to the biggest financial returns for you and the greatest benefit to the users.
Industrial experience in the UK
6+ years we have produced 1000+ successful apps and projects for iPhone, iPad and other gadgets. With 150+ skilled professionals, our UK company became the global name of services in mobile app and software development.
Working approach
Our working schedule is dynamic and completely goal oriented. Before starting work, our developers estimate the project objectives, requirements, expectations and elaborate strategies to guarantee complete success to the clients.
Technical expertise
Add building that reaches business goals requires enormous efforts on development. Our developers have vast experience in software production and never stop educating themselves. We hire only high-skilled professionals who can understand the needs of the client and provide excellent decisions.
Seamless communication
We give 24*7 supports to the clients, offering different opportunities to contact us: Skype call or conference, phone call or e-mail - we are always happy to hear from you here in the UK. Our high-quality customer relation provides us with the loyal clients, ready to establish a long-term partnership.
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As the mobile technology becomes more elastic, the way of use of intelligent devices constantly grows. Researchers consider that the mobile technology will completely manage our next generation. Thus our UK company offers the quality services of development for Apple gadgets for small and medium-sized businesses and also for the large corporations. We follow consecutive and well-organised approach to the creation of the user interfaces which work correctly without any bugs and errors. We have already arrived to create a fair name in the IT world, having provided the best results according to customer requirements within their budget.
The most important principle followed while developing Apple programs consists in following the Apple guidelines to create the products able to compete on an equal footing in the large-scale market. The developers of our team in the UK are well aware of the design environment and the whole development process. Sales of the products are stimulated mainly by massive advertising in all forms, and we perfectly know how to create the icons, write the description or organise the screenshots to make the product seen and selected by the users. All you need is a good idea to start, and we guarantee that you will receive the best help.
There are many third-party development tools which are available for Apple program building. Our developers in the UK use many apps, but back in earlier days, XCode was the unique mode available to development. Objective-C is the main programming languages for app creation. Nevertheless, Apple thought up the new programming language - Swift that became a successor to Objective-C. Our developers have mastered both languages to build Apple programs in the most productive way. Presently, with numerous third-party platforms, the developers are ready to create innovative products for all needs. The usage of such platforms gives us a chance to code in both languages Objective-C and Swift languages reducing development time.
Our Apple developers in the UK will develop the best solutions for your business using:
  • Corona SDK
  • Adobe Air
  • Unity
  • PhoneGap
  • Marmalade
  • There are much more platforms to be added to the list, such as GameSalad and other development tools.
  • When building software, our developers and programmers guarantee that enough information is transferred to the client concerning the tools used for development to make them feel that their idea is in reliable hands.
  • The Apple developers in the UK are open for new trends which eventually go forward and help us to improve our services.
  • As soon as the idea is transferred by the client, we make sure that our team is able to enhance it to the maximum extent and to improvise it according to customer expectations.
  • Software design for Apple

    The design of a mobile application requires special skills, experience and knowledge to make it correct. We have standards and instructions which follow all our developers, but at the same time, we are inclined to be creative and innovative.

    The first thing which we like to do with the new client is to ask questions. We can't understand your ideas and thoughts if we had no opportunity to recognise you and your business. We like to talk, and you can share the ideas and explain what you definitely need before we are preparing for you several offers that we consider to be right for your project. We want to establish the purposes during this meeting. The purposes which are going to lead to the success. What precisely we want to reach with this mobile application?

    After the determination is done, we are ready to research and define methods which are going to help us to achieve the objectives. The final thing we carry out is the brainstorming. It is actually our favourite part because we have an opportunity to add something that sometimes is a key to the successfully developed plan.

    Trends in Apple design
    • The material design remained one of the hottest app UI/UX trends of Apple. It has been developed to improve user experience making it more simple, unified, and intuitive. The material design is based on the concept of flat design - a constant trend for the past few years and a standard in UI/UX design. During the past few years, flat design concepts have undergone some changes, but the general look rests more or less the same.
    • The functional animation trend is not about making an animation for the sake of animation. The motion and shape change illusions have to serve a logical purpose. Simple, vivid, fast, meaningful, and responsive – these are the key traits of the material design language that we adhere to. The idea of functional animations is not only Apple trend but also widespread across different mobile platforms.
    • Using card layouts is another way to make UX more meaningful and dynamic and. It is one of the most popular trends that started in 2014 and about to stay for long, as UX design becomes less visual but more functional.
    • Grouping information in outlined boxes and making them a one-tap entry point to more detailed information is convenient, attractive, and efficient from a user’s perspective.
    • UI/UX adaptation for larger screens is a must because larger screens change the way users hold devices. Therefore, we have reconsidered the approach to UI and UX design to take full advantage of Apple gadgets. Our UK developers put the emphasis on gesture-based navigation and make programs feel and look more spacious by hiding controls and additional content in contextual menus.
    • Opposite to the diversity of subtle colour schemes, the material design guidelines suggest using vibrant and unexpected colours and building colour hierarchy. Material design praises both dark and light backgrounds, but most of the apps today still use white themes by default. So developing the app with us, you will outflank the competitors being in trend.

    All in all, the software tends to simplification of interfaces, and an emphasis on user engagement and functionality. These trends are especially relevant for our UK developers.

    Four steps to creative software development

    Our developers always follow the 4 steps to create the outstanding products:

    • Research – We intend to know your business better, plunging deeply into the business requirements to study the target audience, main goals and barriers to success. We consider us as extremely quick thinkers and innovators ready to find the new ideas and fresh concepts.
    • UI design – One thing which we like to do is prototype building. We need them because they help to create a solid foundation to expand the functionality of the product, understand its central characteristics, to define the relation between elements to construct charming user experience.
    • Fast prototype development – As soon as we have prepared the basis, it is time to make real work. We begin to create animations, structures, connect screens, buttons –these are all little elements for the design of a good mobile program. We intend to make prototypes at the early stages of development and never to stop the user testing. Even when the product is safely in departments of your company or is alive in Apple Store, we can optimise experience.
    • Branding and Visual designing – Our developers are perfect team-players. Thus, we can make different things at the same time. While we develop the design of the User interface, we also create a brand of the mobile application and visual designing. We analyse requirements and needs of the users and deeply investigate the target audience. The specialists use market research, mind maps, cases, new trends and cultural tendencies, to find out what motivates your customers.
    Why choose our UK Apple Developers?

    We pay special attention to the latest Apple trends and guidelines to make the full use of the advantages the iOS operating system offers for a creation of innovative programs. Software creation for Apple devices demands many efforts, and we are happy to work at full capacity to add your idea in the wide base of Apple products, and making them the most popular ones.

    Therefore our UK project team consists of highly qualified developers and programmers, testers, project managers, marketing consultants who have the enormous work experience in iOS development.

    Have an idea for development?

    Feel free to contact our UK customer department anytime, and one of our specialists will be happy to assist you.

    Our solutions are ideal for any company, from the multinational corporation hoping to monopolise the new foreign market to a small family shop. If you are interested in detection what potential could unlock your business, having included the latest technology in the production process, our British developers are ready to discuss your ideas and turn them into profitable apps.