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Our Experience

Our team of perfectly trained experts has such essential benefits as the broad working experience and the significant amount of brilliant projects for various companies. We have elaborated the wise strategy of development which has already shown its multipurpose efficiency. Our developers are always full of desire to develop masterpieces which can rightfully require a distinguished place among the best program tools. Of course, all our products are designed according to the latest tendencies in the innovated industry of app development for business in the UK and worldwide.
Working principles
We aim at the creation of a mutually advantageous long-term partnership with the clients. Thus, we offer an opportunity to learn more about the general strategy of work, and also about the working and ethical principles. We believe that all outstanding IT products should be developed according to three essential principles:
  • Apps should be simple in use;
  • Efficient for the solution of particular business problems;
  • Attractive for users and stable against any attack.
Our company provides a large number of highly specialised services which are aimed at quick and reliable development, implementation and complete integration of apps for business in the UK.
Technologies we utilise
Whether you need a simple mobile or a web app, or a complex integrated system - our in-house team of developers is equally qualified in each knowledge domain and IT experience. We create excellent desktop, mobile phone and pad programs , using PHP, HTML5, Java, CSS, AJAX.Net, Python, Ruby on Rails, Flash, Unity and many others. These years we have integrated the solutions with hundreds of commercial platforms and networks of means of social communication and other complicated tools.
Extra-class Business App Development Services in the UK
The app development company we represent in the UK offers only the most useful and perfectly developed software created to meet your certain requirements. The comprehensive combination of skills, including business app development , advanced network management, custom app development and setup of portal, allow us to declare that we can deliver all types of programming and support services, aiming to expand presence of the technologies to their objectives as they are today and will exist tomorrow. Our team watches the following types of the purposes: modern mobile apps, customised programs and project management.
Business solutions
Our software programming firm provides the clients with highly efficient solutions for the lion share of the purposes that can be attractive to those entrepreneurs who want to increase the performance of their company, to reduce administrative expenses and to automate standard transactions. We propose you the following solutions:
  • Custom business workflow solutions which are developed to increase performance levels, by means of the modern integrated systems available from the user's level.
  • Modern web apps managed by data that work at the level of a cloud hosting or the intranet.
  • So-called custom builds or the integrated web apps which include customised reporting systems.
  • Applications of automation of a transaction flow – group of programs which are aimed at the complete integration of all connected IT-systems to improve various business processes.
  • Industry standard program tools and apps of Microsoft. The modern use of tools from the Microsoft stack provides the perfect compatibility with all the systems, and also continued support.
It is evident that we do not only write code and create outstanding products, but also provide full support of everything we produce from the beginning stage to the post-launch procedures. Besides, our UK development team offers a lot of additional services which can increase popularity and efficiency of the custom business apps even after its start. Of course, the team members always guarantee excellent support the clients and offer their most effective and suitable methods not only to solve potential problems but also to prevent their origin first.

Business apps

The top developers of our company have an excellent experience in elaboration of various strategic business programs at the order of various organisations. We have developed such projects in the several last years; thus we can assure that our specialists can brag about the tested set of skills and about a capability to use the latest concepts of the modern business sphere, and also to create them independently. Of course, these solutions can be based on very individual sets of processes or include even entire corporate systems, which are based on the workflow and order processing, CRM together with HR tools. Therefore we can guarantee an exceptional quality of programs. Regardless of the purpose, timeframes of potential problem areas or automation of regular checks, we are ready to design the custom software metting your requirements.
Mobile apps
Of course, our UK developers build various types of mobile apps created by the individual order for actually all modern leading smartphones and various tablet gadgets. We work in close cooperation with the clients, trying to determine all their requirements and to design correctly developed and easy-in-use infrastructure, necessary to support the high-quality continuing functioning of a mobile program.

Why a business mobile app is a must?

  • Mobile use exceeded desktop use - most of the people prefer to search information on the Internet and to do online shopping via their smartphones and tablets.
  • Mobile technologies see the substantial increase in the development market as people learn how the content sharing and access to information can help them with daily lives.
  • The wired Internet infrastructure is more expensive than the mobile Internet; so it becomes the main way to get the Internet access.
  • Mobile apps meet the demand on in-the-go purchases and content consumption of modern consumers.
  • The mobile programs allow the business to be in direct reach as smartphones have already become obligatory devices which people always keep at hand.
  • Mobile devices have become more available while mobile Internet - cheaper.
  • The prices on tablets also decrease, there are more simple models providing quick Internet access appear on the market.
  • Wearable devices enter daily lives of consumers, opening new opportunities for the enterprises and developers.
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    Project management
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Undoubtedly, it is only the market-oriented and deliberate management which permits all leading IT companies to supply the clients with qualitatively developed products. Our specialists understand the importance of this stage of production. Thus, we also offer the clients the services of Project Management. The main purpose consists in cooperation with the developers and the clients to facilitate the progress and assure in time completion. Our experts manage and deliver the business solution, working with key stakeholders, according to the following format:
Global System Determination. It is the implementation of the overview intended to the investigation of all essential business processes and requirements. This crucial stage leads to the determination of system and a cost estimation. Thus, according to the needs, we concentrate this stage of Project management in the following problems:
  • Software purpose.
  • Overview of the global system.
  • Business architecture.
  • The integrated architecture drivers.
  • Logical architecture.
  • Options to be delivered.
  • Necessary resources and value assessment.
Offer on the Project delivery. It is a number of documents which disaggregate all project phases. Thus, creating this offer, we guarantee clear understanding between the clients and us. The offer on the Project delivery determines the following parts of the app production project:
  • Project purposes and requirements.
  • Project close.
  • Project scope.
  • Key concerned parties.
  • Design of the integrated system.
  • System implementation.
  • The offered sourcing.
  • System launch.
  • Ongoing support.
  • Thus, the clients receive a 100% reliable guarantee of quality and transparent costs. We also provide additional ongoing support that means that together with the client-oriented production design services, the developers undertake complete fixed quality responsibility of functioning of all the products and mobile applications.
Updated apps for business prosperity

Naturally, as a multiple-awarded UK development company, which is among leading organisations in the industry, our firm is concentrated on the creation of the first-class business apps that can salvage the clients from problems with their labour relations, uncontrolled marketing or document flow, etc. We offer the clients specially formulated flexible and dynamic models of cooperation to guarantee that we reached the primary goals.

Therefore using the most effective development strategies, we can offer the best apps for business in the UK for general or specialised solutions in the following areas:

Production and automation

We develop mobile programs allowing to establish full automation of the manufacturing processes, to recover all modern defect detection systems, to make an assessment of time and material usage. Besides, we can provide you with the right measuring systems and accounting together with top notch equipment control systems.


Our modern software systems can be used in spheres of budgetary planning, corporate audit, calculation of budget making potential risks. Besides, we produce various custom programs in the field of businesses apps development in the UK, such as integrated cash accounting systems or funds distribution reporting.

Document flow

The hi-tech solutions can become useful in all areas related to potential standard transactions automation. Therefore various program tools and highly specialised systems optimising a document flow find a lot of apps in the administration area. We provide apps which can be used in document flow accounting and control systems, advanced rights access and differentiation of duties systems and integrated record keeping systems. We also have vast experience in production of business documents classification and packaging of as well as sampling of certain types of files.

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