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Sterling iOS development - that’s the main guideline of our work.

We are the noticeably creative iOS developers, who leverage the brand new technology of the modern iOS SDK and build function wealthy mobile programs to provide you superiority over the competitors.

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Why Select Our Team

Choosing the right development company is as critical as a good engine to a vehicle. It is crucial to hire first-class app builders who are driven by the profound knowledge and experience over the full app development cycle. We, at the UK-based company, always strive to perfection, providing top mobile solutions for all business needs. When you select us as your reliable IT partner, you are choosing the assured success of your undertaking. We guarantee the success of your project by:
  • 100% quality oriented, secure and authentic work process
  • Crafting pathbreaking iOS programs for innovative UI/UX
  • Ensuring well-planned proficient development and deployment
  • Keeping you in loop during the whole lifecycle of the project
What makes our team exceptional among other developers in the UK, is the ability to tailor app creation procedures to accurately suit your business needs. We deliver the solution you deserve, on the time and value you assume.
The iOS App You Have Always Dreamt Of
We take a fledgeling idea, research and investigate it thoroughly and then nourish it into a thriving and featured solution. Here are the phases the developers guide the projects through:
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  • tab_2
    UI/UX design
  • tab_3
    Code development
  • tab_4
    Launch & Support
  • The idea is the maximum essential component. It is the uniqueness of the concept that can sail a long way. You have it, we realise it.
  • Planning. Once determined, we create the roadmap for further work. At this stage, the developers plan how to implementing the idea and what resources will be needed.
The essential part of the process. The expert software designers always keep an eye on the latest trends to provide a progressive user interface and user experience for every product we produce.
  • The programmers build excellent codes to create best mobile apps.
  • Testing. iOS products are tested before handing them over. Our time-proven method is standardised to ensure excessive delivery standards.
After testing, the UK specialists work for the perfect release. We always provide the products with a promise of infinite support.

5 Myths vs. Facts of iOS Development Services

The industry of iOS app development provokes a lot of talks. Every business client of our UK agency comes with pre-held ideas and perception about developers and the products they build. A lot of thoughts and insights are far from reality. The ideal way to break the myths is to provide clients with real facts, and the software specialists are always ready to plunge you into the world of development.
Myth #1: iOS software development is an easy procedure so that an app may be created in several days
Fact: It is not as simple as may seem. And if it is, then it is not what you are looking for. The applications require numerous skilful efforts to put into practice. The effective manpower should blend with the original vision of the app to give life. The fact is that an exceptional utility may take from one to 6 months to come to life.
Myth #2: iOS developers will not be available on my time
Fact: Communication with the project manager is always crucial. This will ensure regular update on the workflow. However, at the execution level, this serves an ideal working approach. When cooperating with our UK-based development firm, you become the central figure in the development and have an opportunity to be aware of every single detail of the project anytime.
Myth #3: Bugs appeared during the programming reflect developers’ incompetency
Fact: Bugs are the natural part of the elaboration process and are not a new thing for any developer. They have dealt with them plenty of times, so don’t worry and let them work. That is why the testing phase is so important - it is aimed at revealing all the problems and fixing them in the shortest terms. Every new app is a child for our UK developers, and each toddler falls a lot of times before then start walking properly.
Myth #4: iOS wireframes are the last truth. Nothing can be changed after that
Fact: Every developer comes across the operational issue that needs a unique solution. In order to fix such issue, sometimes it is needed to alter the wireframes. It is really resourcefulness of the UK developers to think wisely and take a liberalised decision to tweak the wireframe a little. The sophisticated software builders know how to remain flexible with wireframes, but keep to the main guidelines to gain Apple approvement.
Myth #5: Software development services should be on the basis of fix price and not on hourly basis
Fact: This depends on the expertise, skills, and experience of the developer. These are the factors determining the hourly rate of developers. Moreover, each case is unique and requires different resources. The final cost of the undertaking will be based on the scope of work, the features to be implemented, the number of professionals involved in the process and many other factors. If you need the estimation of your project, contact our UK specialists and get a free consultation about the services and prices. This way you will get the full understanding of the pricing policy. The IT professionals will surely find the best solution within your expected budget.

5 Worst Misconceptions We Have Ever Heard About iOS Apps

Perceptions are widely created for anything which is popular. These perceptions then go in the air and with ever-spreading words, people form their own misconceptions. These perceptions are harder to break because the longer they inside the mind, the more stubborn they are bound to be. Similarly, a lot of misconceptions have appeared about mobile apps which have been cleared with time. From a mere leisure-time device, mobile programs have now become the maximum productive tools for enterprise needs. But there are still a lot of beliefs that are far from reality. If you have any doubts about apps, our UK developers are always happy to dispel them and offer the perfect solution for your special needs.
Misconception #1: iOS apps will soon become obsolete because of fast changes in technologies

The digital world is changing - that is true. But consider progression as the only protocol to gauge the obsoleteness of software is wrong. Our developers can revolutionise the way an organisation functions globally. This is not constrained to the business environment as mobile solutions have garnered the incomparable significance for businesses by helping them operate efficiently, both internally and externally.

Any business should switch to the mobile-centric strategies to gain success in the long run. When our UK developers undertake the task, they never abandon the project after launch. Our agency offer the full range of services, including updates and support, to make your application the most effective for years.

Misconception #2: iOS app experience is a simply downsized software experience.

Applications for iPhone fundamentally differ from the rest of the iOS software which might be used on Macs. This includes distinction in size, functionality and features.

Being highly mobile, they are more intuitive and can be accessed on the go. Mobile programs can take all advantages of iPhone and the same time perform the most complicated functionality.

Misconception #3: iPhone should not be taken into account because nearly everyone uses Android

No reason to deny that Android leads the market with the highest quantity of downloaded apps. However, digging deep into the current records, you can easily find out that iOS solutions have already gained the consideration of the mass public. Moreover, the key power of iOS software is revenue. iPhone users get used to spending money on devices and mobile services and the app build for iOS will easily pay off in the short terms. Apple gadgets are highly popular among people of business and if they are your core audience - do not hesitate to address our iOS developers to get the solution exactly for this platform.

Misconception #4: iOS development needs more expenses

Everything depends on the developer, his skills and strategies. In our UK development company, we adhere to the transparent pricing and never impose unnecessary services. The IT specialists know how to economise your time and money. Moreover, working with us, you make the most reasonable investment that will improve the productivity of your business and pay off.

Misconception #5: Software have to be multi-purpose and grand

Technically, there is nothing impossible for the sophisticated programmers. But sometimes it is best to limit the number of features to increase usability by focusing more on the core problem solution. The high performance and convenience are the most important issues of a successful program. On these cornerstones is based the design, that should be eye-catching, but at the same time aesthetic and handy.

No one will download a product if it just looks great. Our UK designers work in close cooperation with programmers to combine the most attractive look and the highest performance in your product.

We Provide the Best Mobile Solutions
The persistent work has brought us in line with the top UK and world-famous app development companies. With the wide range of outstanding enterprise solutions, we are expert in producing the best mobile and web applications, that will write the success story of any business. When the profound knowledge and expertise of our iOS developers blends with the creative art of the designers, we provide your business with the perfect mobile experience.