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We are a London-based software development company with a team of expert IT professionals with boundless imagination and honed to perfection skills.

We specialise in the development of custom applications that enhance productivity and boost the growth of businesses operating in the most various industries.

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Professional App Development

What distinguishes our company from dozens of different mobile and web developers in London and worldwide, is our awesome crew of skilled programmers and experienced designers who cooperate to create software that is visually attractive and highly functional. Over the years of practice, we have evolved lean strategies of software development which permit us to supply the best solutions within strict timeframes and budgets. Close communication with clients guarantees that the products we provide will perfectly fit into your business goals, enhance productiveness and convey you increased income. Our development process has been time-tested - it has already helped us to produce hundreds of internationally recognised products.
Complicated mobile apps and web systems
Our London developers build even the most complex and technically advanced applications. We are not afraid of challenges, and we always struggle for perfection. Our persistent and innovative creators have developed comprehensive platforms for fundraising, complicated accounting structures, complex enterprise software, transport tracking tools and lots of others elaborate and fantastically sophisticated programs.
Mobile commerce
Every year customers spend tonnes of money on online buying, and most of those purchases are crafted from mobile devices - so in case you still have not blanketed the huge target market of phone owners, it is high time to think of a mobile solution for your business. If you have an existing on-line platform to promote the services and products, you may integrate all the objects into your software or just optimise the internet site for mobile use - the opportunities are great. Our London developers have the qualification to supply the superior product intending to add value to your business and enchant the clients. Our proficient London app developers and website designers have constructed an incredible quantity of e-commerce and m-commerce systems for such industries as travelling, healthcare, schooling, entertainment, food, delivery services and many others. We can estimate the price of the development according to your necessities and monetary abilities and assure that your investment will pay off in the shortest terms.
Native Apps
A native app is what typically springs to mind when you think about an application. Users download them from the stores; they are saved on the device and launched by tapping their icon.

Developing native apps

What distinguishes native programs from the alternatives is that they are designed and coded for a single operating system using special tools. For instance, iPhone programs are written in Objective-c, Android - in Java, and so on.
Every mobile platform provides the unique set of possibilities, interface elements and standardised SDKs. Our professional London developers can create a perfect native app for all business purposes, whether it is involvement of new customers or optimisation of internal workflow.

There is a number of advantages to giving preference to native programs:

  • They provide the fastest, the most reliable and responsive experience to users.
  • They could use the broader functionality of the device, including the camera, microphone, compass, accelerometer and swipe gestures.
  • Developers can make use of push notifications, alerting users on every occasion a new version is posted or when their attention is needed. This is a key method of engagement. The enterprise can get the opportunity to bring the target audience back continually.
  • Users spend time on apps. The popularity of mobile programs has significantly extended and is continue to rise.

It’s not just about access to the device capabilities, native applications when properly designed, respect the layout patterns and standards of each platform. There are hundreds of differences in the design of user interactions on every platform. Taking them into account, our London developers create products that are intuitive to use and operate well with the platform’s ecosystem.

Convert the Web Experience to a Native App

If you already have a successful website, that attracts users and even convenient for mobile devices, you still don’t encompass all the target audience of mobile users. If you want to reach new people or offer extra conditions to current loyal customers, create a native app that may be distributed in stores would be the best decision. Our London developers have vast experience in the creation of multipurpose applications in compliance with the most demanding requirements.

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    Assess the existing web experience
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    Perceive the audience
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    Recollect the use cases
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    Hone the capability
Step one in creating an app is to research the existing Internet site. Our London researchers perform the preliminary discovery taking a look at what is working with your web experience and what is not effective. The developers perfectly know how to use this perception to enhance the existing website or web app and also to gather initial ideas for the future product. Let's assume, that you are a grocery shop. The website allows customers to prepare their weekly grocery list. Should the solution just be a tool for users to create their personal grocery lists or ought to offer something unique? Our London developers will surely recommend what to choose. Sometimes, rather than including new capability or offerings inside the software product, it is better to optimise the current features to allow customers to operate with a service right from their gadgets. Some companies prefer to offer customers new methods of interaction with their brand outside and inside the shop, including allowing users to customise, order, and pay for their products and services all in the app.
When we perfectly understand who uses the internet site, it is time to decide whether the similar customers will use the app or we aim at involving the other demographic? While investigating your current website, our London specialists will find a key group of potential users you are lacking, or that the current customers are restricted in how they could interact with your company. Google Analytics, as an example, or any similar tool is a superb environment for these purposes because it can show what platforms and devices people use to visit the site. It may additionally trace at the thing the customers are or are not doing on the resource. To use the earlier grocery listing example, you could see that internet site users are developing grocery lists but are falling off the website before saving, printing, or emailing the lists for later use. This insight likely means that users are not actually using the list, hinting at a missed proposition that you could add with a native app.
It is not just the device that is different. Even supposing the same user interacts along with the site and the app, chances are they will use the app at distinct time and locations and with other purposes than when they visit the site. As an example, the consumer who makes the grocery listing on the Internet site may be taking advantage of some free time at work. That user's expectancies, wishes, and experience of urgency may be absolutely different when checking off items on the list while shopping at the grocery. That is why our London developers always recollect the specific use cases that come with mobile solutions. Will the customers get admission to the program in a crowded area? Will they have a bad connection or no wifi? By considering the context of ways, time, and conditions in which the target audience will use the product, we can be sure that we are delivering a tremendous experience that fits what the users need and when they need it. There are several key use cases common throughout the high-quality products developed by our London agency. They are fast, stable, polished, user-friendly and intuitive. Top-notch mobile solutions are a delight to use. They do not provide as much statistics as a website and might even direct the user to a website for extra information or a lengthier session. The product will be held to the same standards as every other software in stores, so it is vital to satisfy the design expectancies. It also should look exceptional and poses the unique features to be distinguished from the competitors. For sure, our London app developers know how to embody these complex recommendations into the highly efficient software product.
There is no need to cram all the site capabilities into the app. Alternatively, we always recommend focusing on identifying the must-have features based on the goals and the uses cases. Some our clients from London and all over the world with extensive web experience have ordered several mobile solutions, every with a specific functionality, that work collectively to improve the user experience and to increase the productivity of business. The functions of the app can even take benefit of device-specific functionality provided by smartphones, tablets, and similar gadgets. Some of the questions to reply concerning functionality:
  • Will it need to access the GPS location?
  • Does it combine with a consumer’s calendar or access the contacts?
  • Does it need a camera?
  • Will it use notifications?
  • Can it be used offline?
Our London developers always verify how and why the user will interact with these features.We never include additional functions if they are not needed to perform the primary intentions of the core audience.
Technical Skills

Our London developers work with the majority of mobile platforms and programming languages, including HTML, PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, Python, and much more. Our London software development agency is proficient in using a significant amount of design tools and open sources. We can implement the app with various programming interfaces and web services. You can count on our professionals if you need a top-notch solution created on the latest innovations:

The team of our London headquarters works with JavaScript’s node.js environment and backbone.js library;

We are proficient in Grails, Scala/Play, Nginx, Memcached, and other cutting-edge tools for feature-rich software development;

Many products we built require complex hosting solutions - our London developers can set up and manage that multilayer infrastructure using cloud computing platforms or dedicated hosting services;

Our website developers and designers from London also use Google Cloud Platform for some of the projects and can work for your company worldwide;

All team members of our London IT company masterfully use the modern technologies, to provide the most advanced solution on the digital market.

Cooperation with Professional Developers

The primary objective of our London-based company to establish a long-term partnership with every our client and to supply them the brilliant software products.

You can absolutely rely on us, due to the fact our development crew is interested in the tremendous success of the project no less than you are. We are never satisfied with an average result - perfection is what we crave for. Please, feel free to contact us if you want to discuss any idea - together we will bring it into live to drive your business to success.