The Reputed Software Development Agency: We Brighten up the Ideas to Make Them Work

Our digital agency helps the companies around the world, offering the creative and unique software solutions. We are the leading IT firm thanks to our incredibly talented and qualified team.

Our experienced developers and designers are ready to fire up their imagination and work on the maximum of creativity solving problems to provide the top-level development of valuable program for your business.

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Sophisticated Software Development Team

For many years our development agency has created the solutions for various industries including entertainment, sales, transport and more. We have a keen perception of what makes perfect corporate programs and customer apps. Our team members can transfer their expert knowledge to your project. Our enthusiastic and experienced developers deliver easy-in- use, efficient and safe software which meets the requirements and increases the cost of your business, providing to the customers a seamless user experience.
Experience to be proud of
The team of excellently trained experts of our agency has such fundamental benefits as the broad working experience, the significant amount of brilliantly built projects to various companies, proven development strategies which have already shown their efficiency, and, apparently, desire to create masterpieces which can take place among the best program tools. Of course, all our products are developed according to the most reliable and advanced tendencies in the industry of business software development. Our agency delivers the outstanding IT products in compliance with three essential principles:
  • Simple in use;
  • For 100% performant;
  • Attractive both for the client and all users.
We provide a large number of highly task-oriented services which are intended for professional development, testing, implementation and complete maintenance of business apps in various areas.
What we do
You can rely on our agency in the following areas of software development:
  • Custom software development. We offer full-scale mobile, web and desktop products which have already promoted the success of many companies around the world and various industries.
  • Enterprise mobile apps. The team of our agency includes more than 150 certified experts, who have delivered more than 300 projects for these years in the digital industry. We have extensive knowledge and experience in app programming for iOS, Android, Windows, and other popular platforms.
  • iOS app development. Hire our talented developers to create an outstanding corporate solution, a smart tool for business performance or breathtaking game for iPhone and iPad.
  • Android software development. Create visually catching and easy in use program for Android which automates business processes, addresses clients and promotes the brand.
  • Cross-platform programming. Save money on development of native apps and expensive servicing with the cross-platform program which can work on iOS, Android and other leading platforms.
  • Web site design. The agency offers web design, development, integration of services, support and other services to guarantee a strong on-line presence of the companies, sales increase, visibility improvement and extension of the client base.
  • Corporate systems. We create the intranet and corporate web systems to help the entities to automate processes, to increase performance and to simplify workflow management.
  • Business analytics. We have broad experience in the provision of data storages, analytic reports, toolbars, and other data services.
Where our software
development focuses on
The primary task of our software development agency is to create successful business apps and to provide highly efficient tools for our clients. Our programming aims at giving detailed, corresponding content which can be useful in the long run. We provide real life testing and detailed explanation of difficult questions. We differ from other agencies because our group of developers carries out tests, creates and designs custom programs together with a tremendous community of entrepreneurs who show their results. We understand the value that our agency represent to people, and it is the explanation why all our team members are very careful when it comes to services we deliver.
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    How a Robust Discovery Process Leads to Better Software Design and UX
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    Why the software requires "discovery"?
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    Duration of the discovery process varies from project to project.
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Many clients come to our software development agency with a number of unclear ideas. Within years we have grounded the steady process of development to help the clients elaborate the right project. We start from the thorough investigation, collecting as much information as possible, and then we whittle that information down into practical takeaways.

We run three stages of this process, and each stage is structured to adjust the software for success.

The process of discovery provides a solid foundation on which it is possible to base the product, its user experience, design and development strategy. It also gives the testimony and check of admissibility when you move ahead. Passing through this process, it is possible to create general ideas and guarantee that all team members start on the same page. At the end of the opening process you will have:

  • validated key takeaways evaluated from the previous research,
  • the established set of functions managing the general purposes of the software,
  • and determined what will create an actual value for users.

Duration of the discovery process varies from project to project. In the case of our agency, it also depends considerably on certain needs of the client and the initial point. Usually in our agency, we use this process with those who should develop the ideas of functionality and who has too many ideas for a start.

No matter, how much time it takes, the discover process is broken into three key stages: research, ideation and assessment.

  • The stage of research is devoted to carrying out the minor analysis, through questionnaires and reviews.
  • Ideation - where hard brainstorming and the rating of feature happens.
  • Assessment - the opening process culmination also includes drawing of sketches and testing of a concept on the basis of the ideas found.

The stage of research involves the transfer of available knowledge to all members of the team. During this stage, we analyse any corresponding reference materials such as the competitive analysis, market research and the related metrics now. The analysis of these background materials can point some initial direction. Then it is possible to dive more deeply, conducting questionnaires and reviews. These methods provide means to take some available knowledge that could not have been shared originally.


The questionnaire helps aggregate relevant information, documents and conversations in the unified format. Using the interactive tool of overview the team puts many thoughtful questions to the clients to extend specific features of their vision of the software. This understanding directs the project decision-making in the future. Our questions also range from more obvious to more creative:

  • Describe a problem the software solve.
  • What is the one thing we should understand to create this product worth using?
  • In comparison with a car brand, what would be the project and why?
  • When people use the software, how they should feel?
  • What do you want them to know?

These questions intend to encourage the creators of our agency to think of the purpose and value of the app, and also to visualise the brand and the way the users should feel, utilising the software.

Buyer Legends

Buyer Legends go to the deeper level than the typical user, collecting the ideas of how your product can interact best with the target audience to achieve the objectives. Availability of general understanding of how the audience thinks will help to determine problems and to design their solution before they actually become problems.


The part of ideation consists of the creation of the new ideas, in detail stopping on them, and trying to create a way forward with the ideas which bubble to the top. We use brainstorming to dig out as much as possible ideas and to organise them in the working plan.


The purpose of brainstorming consists in generating as many ideas as possible and writing them down. You can begin to carry out brainstorming, having identified the only question about focus. We do it personally, gathering all members of the team together to collect the ideas.

To receive all possible from the brainstorm, try to hold sessions in silence, having kept negotiations for later. It allows all to dump their ideas and to hear their speech.

It is better to reduce all ideas than to spend time in vain, making sure that each concept is absolutely unique.


The last stage of the discovery process is dedicated to scratching out, and researching of the concepts on the basis of functions appeared at stages of ideation and research. Our developers then hold testing sessions of a concept to execute sketches by members of the team to receive the feedback.

Moving ahead through research, the ideation and parts of assessment are crucial for the success of the product. This process enables the developers to identify the real value for the users. It will also conduct us through the establishment of the feature set that will match the main goals. Made correctly, the process of discovery will help to avoid expensive oversights when moving to development.

Concept testing

The purpose of concept testing consists in showing, in general, what functions the system would provide to make sense or whether it satisfy needs of target audience. Testing of a concept looks at three various aspects of the sketch: first impressions, navigation expectations and satisfaction.

Testing of the first impressions helps to define what users are constraining in those five-second views and if the UI works as it should.

Then the agency’s experts go further to the discussion of the concept navigation. Our experts prefer to have the sketch visible to the participants to simplify the conversation. We prefer to keep this part of process internal as it is hard for external participants who have no specific knowledge of the software to give the type of response we need. As soon as we have more concrete direction, we concentrate checking high-frequency visual design with out-of-team participants.