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We bring your business ideas to life.

  • Software development
  • Technology outsourcing
  • Strategy consulting
  • IT management

We Focus on Quality and Business Value

The areas of expertise cover:

  • Website design
  • MVP (minimum viable product) for startups
  • Bespoke software development
  • Web-based app design
  • Native mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • SEO (search engine optimisation) and marketing consulting
Skyrocket Your London Company with a Comprehensive Online Strategy
In the modern-day fiercely competitive market environment, you need tap have a strong strategy if you want your brand to get to the top. Our software development company Lonson empowers London businesses with efficient strategies that ensure online growth, strong web presence and outstanding visibility of your products. Our talented business analysts based in London will investigate your company to identify your needs and demands, as well as possibilities for further expansion through cutting-edge technologies.

Broad Technological Expertise

App development

We provide businesses with a great variety of bespoke software design and web development services that bring long-term value and perfectly fit into your organisation’s process.

Deep understanding of technologies

Leverage professional skills and broad knowledge of technologies. We are proficient in such advanced programming languages, frameworks and operating systems as Microsoft .NET, Python, MYSQL, Objective-C, JavaScript, Salesforce, PHP and more.

Cross-industry experience

We have delivered software solutions across various industries: Travel and Hospitality, Healthcare, Property Management, Transportation & Logistics, Manufacturing, Finance, Banking, Business Intelligence, Education, Startups and Information Technologies.

Why choose us?

Almost ten years experience in the IT industry, time and cost efficient delivery, seamless client communication, SaaS solutions (Software as a Service) and brilliant reputation of developers and designers

Great Client Reviews and an Extensive Portfolio of Successful Projects

During our nine years in app development, we have collaborated with some of the most prominent players in the international market. We are honoured to say that we receive rave reviews and positive testimonials from all our clients. Do not trust us by word, check out our awesome portfolio of fabulous projects.

  • 15 active projects
  • 350 clients served
  • 250 staff members
  • 5 global offices
Software Development Company, London: Services
We focus on custom app development, online business strategies and marketing consulting. Our experts build first-class apps that boost traffic, engage and sell. We craft user-friendly interfaces and memorable experiences.
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    Reliable IT partners
Many prominent brands worldwide choose software development company from London because of stainless reputation, world-class expertise and wonderful team of forward-thinking IT specialists. We design innovative applications and digital products that can launch you to the market fast and bring long-term results within the shortest possible time, establishing a solid online presence for your organisation.
In today’s marketing environment there is a number of cornerstones that can bring you towards success: leadership, continuous evolution, agility and flexibility. We help businesses, startups and entrepreneurs tap into the capabilities of technology and design a strategy that accomplishes your goals and objectives.
Taking advantage of IT outsourcing services, you leverage the best technological practices for process automation, workflow enhancement and customer base growth. We offer affordable costs, agile and waterfall software methodology based on the project requirements and 24/7 support.
We always aim at establishing long-term relationships with clients. Outsourcing your software development to digital firm, you ensure yourself a piece of mind and reduce costs on IT management because we will take care of all this while you will focu on the core activity - running your enterprise.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We are frequently approached with a question about expertise across various industries. At our London-based software development company we totally understand that no matter how cutting-edge the app is, it only brings value if it serves the intended purpose. That is why we invest into cross-industry education of designers and programmers who are proficient in such domains as Banking, Travel, Catering, Media, Education, Logistics, Property Management and Hospitality. We know what techniques work and what do not for every given field.

Do You Guarantee Data Confidentiality and Security?

We strongly believe that the code and other technological assets we build belong to the client by intellectual property right. Working with us, you can be sure that all the data about your company you provide us with is confidential, and we can sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) if you feel that you are not ready to trust us by word. We guarantee client a full transparency of the app design process. From the very first days, we set a clear pricing policy with monthly payment s or other payment scheme agrees upon. Our project managers are always online and ready to solve any problems you may have with the team. All our employees know the standards of data security and confidentiality.

What Programming Languages and Other Technologies You Utilise?

We perfectly realize that to maintain our great reputation and level of skills we need to keep an eye on emerging technologies and improve our existing expertise by ard training and ongoing education. Our expert are proficient in a wide range of technologies such as PHP, Microsoft Sharepoint, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Python, Objective-C, Cloud Computing, Kotlin and Salesforce. We can allocate a dream team of specialists who know the technology you need in and out.

Do You Ensure a Transparent App Development Process?

You can count that there will be no surprises. We will inform you on every step we take and the progress we make during the project development process, because we know that it is crucial for your London company. We can send our staff to your company's premises if it is necessary or ensure a seamless remote communication by Skype, Google Hangouts, Telegram or and other tools. We analyse your feedback, invite you to take part in decision-making and always negotiate the approval of even the slightest changes with you. We ensure that you have contact of every member of the team regardless of their position, part in the project and location, as well as give you access to all paperwork regarding the process and code assets. No matter what are the purposes you need to achieve, we can solve tasks of any complexity and scale.

Why Work with Us?
  • World-Class Services in London. Web design, CMS (content management systems), SEO (search engine optimisation). If you are looking for a London team who can tackle app development projects of any complexity and size, you have found the right team.
  • Custom Content Management Systems (CMS). Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress. We have a proven track-record in creating bespoke CMS programs that facilitate workflow management and allow you to update your website within minutes.
  • Wide Base of Internationally Recognised Clients. 75% corporate clients. Our broad list of clients is comprised of small local shops, mid sized London companies, large enterprises and brands famous worldwide.
Want to Get Started Developing Your Project Today?

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our software company, London now. Our passionate and skilled coders, UX/UI designers and business analysts will be happy to navigate you through the exciting world of website design, expand your outreach and bring you to the top of the market. Get in touch to discuss your creative ideas, and we will help you crystallize them into a comprehensive software requirement specification document that is the groundwork for the future digital product. Specially trained IT professionals will carry out a research of the market and learn all the details about your London company to come up with and efficient strategy and a plan for software implementation. Contact us if you want to start realising your ideas today before your competitors have not done so. We will be waiting for your call, letter or visit. Challenge us with your project and we will prove it to you, exceeding your expectations.