Think About Web Development For the iPhone

Graph of usage of handheld devices is touching its peak. Numbers are increasing day by day. Chances of your website surfing with iPhone has increased many folds. Do you want to go a step ahead and provide website especially developed for iPhone? This is an essential measure to take for the interest of your business.

Web development for iPhone is not an easy thing. There are many constraints for website development for iPhone. The biggest one is its size. It has smaller size than desktop and iPad so it imposes many restrictions over the development and usage. Due to accelerometer orientations change frequently and it affects the view of the site too. These limitations lead to changes in many things like content, images, layout, navigation, etc.


Web development for iPhone needs its content in one column format so user can scroll it easily and can read it fast. Everything should be written to the point. Fonts must be standard means Geneva fonts. Characters must be iPhone supporting means Latin 1 character set.


There are limitations of space so avoid excessive usage of images. Scaling of image is problematic so avoid the usage of large images. Keep image size minimum. Images also increase the loading time so it is better to have well optimized images for use in website. When you use smaller images then remember its detailing. Image color must be contrasting so you can view better. Prefer images that have crisp edges when you see it in details. Use alt tags for images so it will help you in search engines as well as filling the gaps in case image is not loaded. Don’t put images on the top of the page as header because it consumes more space and downloading time. If you have image larger than screen than split it with “href” tag.


Apply rule same as the images. Never put navigation at the top. Put content headlines then content and then navigation.


Keep URLs shorter so it can fit with the iPhone screen size. Keep link anchor text of five to six characters long so pressing becomes easy.


Avoid Flash because iPhone does not support it. Avoid the nested tables because they create problems in navigations. Avoid the audio file embedding because it increases the loading time considerably.